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First of all thank you very much for your valuable time to visit our website and we hope you enjoyed very much to go through various trekking packages within various trekking region but don’t like to buy our full board guided treks package?

Don’t worry!! Here is some economic way of doing trekking in Nepal. We would like to give you at least to hire a professional trekking guide and trekking porter or at least a trekking porter for your real enjoyable and comfort trekking holiday in Nepal.

Mountain Sherpa trekking, a leading local trekking and tour agency in Nepal, having over 20 years of most successful trekking and tour organizer in Nepal highly recommend hiring a professional trekking guide and trekking porter if you can’t buy or not interested with our set trekking package. There are 3 most important advantages to hire trekking guide or trekking porter with us.

  1. For your safe trekking holiday
    Nepal is safest country for trekking adventure and anyone can do trek without guide or porter. However, it is always best idea to take a professional and experienced trekking guide or trekking porter with you. From some years back, we have heard that some trekkers without trekking guide or trekking porter lost their way or even some trekkers lost whole life during trekking in Nepal. This is not because of Nepal is not safe country for trekking but because of trekkers greedy mind to save money and make Nepal trekking the cheapest in the world. So we advice all our trekkers, please join professional trekking company in Nepal and take at least a professional trekking guide in hire or professional trekking porter in hire for your safe trekking holiday. If you have a guide or a porter with you, you never lost your way, you will not be stranded but they will show your best way, guide you well for routes, cultures, peoples, religions and mountains. Whatever you pay to hire them, you will learn more from them. So there are no disadvantages of hiring trekking guide or trekking porter in Nepal for your safe trekking holiday.
  2. For your comfortable trekking experience
    When you have trekking guide or trekking porter with you, you don’t have to worry about lodges or your accommodations, no need to worry about conditions of trails, no need to worry about Nepalese cultures, lifestyles, peoples, new places or even about what you eat daily, what are good and what are not goods. Your trekking guide can tell everything for you or even your trekking porter can tell you something. You’re trekking guide confirm your accommodations, transports, flights and gives enough information about mountains, villages, rivers and whatever you could see during trek. So this is not comfortable trekking experience??
  3. No need to carry heavy baggage during trek
    We have found the some trekkers carry more than 2o kgs of their heavy baggage while they are trekking. They don’t like to take porter from Kathmandu, because they like to save money. As a result they get tired everyday or sometime get sick. May be it is still good for few days trek but for longer trekking, it is always best idea to take at least an experienced porter with you. It is always good to travel yourself light and easy, so you can enjoy reality of trekking adventure. Another advantage of hiring porter is friendly help when trekker gets sick. If you plan trek by carrying your over 20 kg stuffs yourself and unfortunately you got sick at middle of way, what you do? Who will carry your bag? None of other locals will come and help you. So it is always wise and important to take a porter with you while trekking in Nepal.

So why not you take a guide and porter with you? And why you are advice to take trekking guide and trekking porter with mountain Sherpa trekking, there are also few reasons:

1. Professional and Experienced trekking Guide: All our trekking guides are professional & Experienced Local Sherpa (Expert in Himalayan Trekking & Mountaineering) and of course from region of Mt. Everest (top of World peak) Solu (Lower parts of Everest region) and Khumbu (Higher part of Everest region). They are fully trained/licensed holder from Ministry of tourism in Nepal. They speak good English, sound knowledge of Nepalese cultures, religions & life styles of people and all our guides are at least 10 years of experiences in Trekking & hiking trip in Nepal Himalayas. Our guides are friendly, helpful and honest in matter of services to our trekkers.

2. Porters/Helpers: Our Trekking & Mountaineering Porters/helpers are fully acclimatized with Himalayan Environment. We always select physically fit and strong enough trekking porter to carry your bags during trek. Some of they will speak little English As well. All our porters in Nepal trip are well Equipped, Insured and paid. Our professional and expert trekking porter can carry maximum of 30kg.

Beside this, when you hire guide and porter with us, you are fully protected from your finance. Our porter and guide will never ever leave you alone or misleading during your trekking. You will have fully safe and most enjoyable trekking experience of lifetime with them.

Mountain Sherpa trekking & Expeditions offer below most special cost for trekking guide, trekking porter hire in Nepal


Trekking Guide hire price (1 Guide Per day):

Guide Hire Services

For single trekker

2 Trekkers

3-5 trekkers

6+ Trekkers

Trekking guide hire( per day per guide)

US$ 30 per day

US$ 20 per day per person

US$ 15 per day per person

US$ 10 per day per person

Trekking Porter hire Price (1 Porter per Day)

Porter Hire Services

For single trekker

2 + Trekkers

Trekking Porter hire (per day per guide): Max 30 kg. per porter basis US$ 25 per day ( 1 Porter for 1 person basis) US$ 15 per day per person ( 1 Porter for 2 person basis)

Cost Includes:

  • Well Paid Daily wages/Salary of Guide or Porter
  • All meals & Accommodation of Guide or Porter
  • Insurances & Equipments of Guide or Porter
  • Agency service charges & all Applicable Government taxes at time of staff hire
  • All required Transport of Guide & Porter( we have reserved Guide & Porter in Lukla, Pokhara, So you don't need to pay for their Flights and Transport)

Beside Guide & Porter service, you must need following service for Trekking in EVEREST, ANNAPURNA & LANGTANG region and our special prices are as follows:

  • Trek permits arrangements
  • Airport transfers and flights or transport arrangements
  • Cheap hotel booking

We handle all necessary services at best price, please send us e-mail.

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